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I have met my husband... - Kruszer's Journal
December 18th, 2008
01:28 am


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I have met my husband...

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Date:December 19th, 2008 05:29 am (UTC)

Part 2 of my ridiculously long response...

As for your ages, I really don't see that as a big deal, honestly, if you're in similar life stages. I really think that life stages have more to do with compatibility age-wise than actual age. It sounds like he may have actually had some similar experiences to you and that he is rather mature for a younger adult. There were 12 years (she was 25, and he was 37 when they married) between my mom and dad, and they got along quite well.

Wow, that's a really sweet song. :) I like Geoff Moore.

He's young and I'm his first relationship and people tend to fall really hard and fast their first time, don't they?
Well...I think it's good to be cautious because this can definitely be true, ESPECIALLY if a person is very young and hasn't had a chance to figure out who they are and who they want to be. However, it's also true that there are some people who don't need to date very many people (or only the one) to be perfectly happy with the relationship for the rest of their life. Mark is one of these people. I am the only person he has seriously dated, and he has no desire to look further. He knows what it is he wants and has no qualms about marrying his first serious girlfriend. I, on the other hand, am someone who needed to have several relationships to figure out what it is I really wanted in a man. I would have always wondered if this person was REALLY right for me if I hadn't dated a few guys. It really depends on the person.

I would recommend being open and honest about your quirks with one another from the beginning. Be up front about all of your health issues and needs so you can rest assured that his decision to be with you was made with all the facts. I assume you'd want the same from him. :) Of course, like another commenter said, there are many things you wouldn't think to tell someone that can only be discovered through time. :)

He does sound like a really cool guy. (I actually know more than one person who feels the same way about some of the stuff you mentioned there, but I won't get into that in this post. :)

he has a heart for a life of ministry (though his call is to the Native Americans and I'm not sure how my own pro-life call would mesh into that.)
Just for kicks, I did a quick google search on "native american abortion" and "native american pro-life." Here are some of the sites that came up:
It looks to me like there are plenty of opportunities in that group for pro-life activity. :) Actually, it was our mutual friend hymnia who brought it to my attention that minority groups in the US actually are MORE likely to have abortions than other groups. And if you are living in ministry with a minority group, you will have more credibility among them, and I would think especially so with your doula training. Just some thoughts to chew on in that vein. :)

More to be continued...
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