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Fool That I Am - Kruszer's Journal
August 14th, 2008
03:36 pm


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Fool That I Am
Fool that I am,
For falling in love with you.
And fool that I am
For thinking [you'd love] me too.

You took my heart,
Then played the part of little coquette.
And all my dreams just disappeared
Like the smoke from a cigarette.

Fool that I am,
For hoping you’d understand.
And thinking you
Would listen to
The things that I had planned.

But we couldn’t see eye to eye
So darling,
Darling, this is goodbye.

But I still care
And oh!  Fool that I am!
But I still care.
Fool that I am.

~~Etta James, blues singer en excellence, singing my heart today~~ 

(Listen to song here: http://www.skreemr.com/link.jsp?id=65524752525960)

Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed

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