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Miracles - Kruszer's Journal
September 17th, 2010
01:22 pm


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Date:November 19th, 2010 09:28 pm (UTC)

God vs everything


I can answer 1-3, heck I feel like I have to answer that everyday.

First I want to offer humbly, Kristine, that you seem to be stacking suffering against God, which is perhaps common, and I think fair. But I'm going to put some more chips on the table for your bet against God. I'm going to stack ecstasy, health, marriage, children, long life, spiritual gifts including prophecy, discernment, healing, wisdom, teaching, power over the weather, knowledge, and I'm going to throw the entire world in as a kicker, against God. Does what God offers beat that? Perhaps I could ask, is God bigger than that? If we are in ecstasy or suffering, whether we are able to feed the hungry or not, does God have a higher purpose? I want to say that God offers more than ecstasy or suffering, more than any kind of power, more than the world, and certainly more than a normal life.

Jesus said "what shall it profit a man to gain the world, but lose his soul?"

I am reminded of the 40 days in the wilderness when Jesus was tempted, it seems that he was, indeed, tempted with some of the miracles for which you are asking, but he would have to bow and worship Satan. For some reason, God wants to say that who you worship is more important than food or shelter. Well food and shelter is pretty important, so whoever God is, he had better be absolutely amazing, or I may have to agree with you that our faith is an embarrassment.

For some reason I am always drawn to the thief on the cross. I think everything you have to say against God applies to him. I mean here he is at the height of human suffering, only a few hours to live, and he finds, on the cross next to him, something more important -and yet not something which gets him off the cross, or which eases his pain. Nevertheless, rather than curse the God who has power over life and death, he humbles himself and receives what Christ is offering. And I want to say that the thief's confession doesn't make any sense at all, unless you meet Jesus.

How are you going to believe that God is really straight up bigger than all this unless you meet him? Well you might believe by reading the bible, or by looking at the grandeur of creation, as do many. But that's actually a little more of a rhetorical question than I'm letting on. You see, I fear that things may get worse, Kristine, because God may indeed endeavor to show you how big he is. I remember how God spoke in a loud voice to Moses on the mountain, so that Israel would hear, and know that Moses wasn't just making it all up. Israel told Moses to ask God not to speak to them anymore, because they thought they would die. I think God is really really big, Kristine. Everything I have added for your argument against God will not measure up. I think though the world could heal you, and take you in as a member of its family and find you a home, it will never approach the plans that God has for your life.

How my heart aches for you, dear Kristine. I’ve some difficult lessons to learn, myself.

--May you touch the hands of Jesus, and believe
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