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Kruszer's Journal

Come Kruszin' with the Kruszer!

3 November 1978
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*Please note: My journal is for the most part friends only. Only the non-angsty, non-revealing posts have been left public. If you like what you read, comment somewhere and if you strike me as a cool person, I'll add you so you can read the rest of my entries... but reader beware, it aint all pretty.)


My name is Kristine, and yes I spell it with a "K". Everything about me breaks from the norm. I don't fit into anyone's box.

I'm a Christian, I am very involved in pro-life work, and I believe in saving sex for marriage (NOT an easy choice by any means!). But I break the norm by having a bunch friends who are polyamorous, bi-sexual, atheist, and pro-choice (until i get through to them, that is ;). My pro-life work has taught me that people are people, and though I may not always agree with others' lifestyles or choices, I can't point the finger and call them evil sinners because I know in my heart I am no different than they are. If I don't act on many of my own desires it's by God's grace alone!

I also break the mold when it comes to my Christian beliefs. I'm a Calvinist (ie I don't believe that man in his natural state has free will to choose God -see my web site for my essay on this). I also believe in women preachers and believe the Bible has been abused and stacked out of context to keep women "in their place". And I dance. Swing dance primarily (http://kruszer.livejournal.com/157565.html), but I love latin dance, tap dance and belly dancing too (sorry, no public showings of the later).

When I'm not dancing or doing pro-life activism, I'm writing (poetry, persuassion papers, children's stories, a novel in progress since forever...) I also play guitar; write songs; love games like scrabble, Dutch Blitz, Othello and Taboo); I thrive on intellectual debate & discussion, and I eat organic as much as I can. I also refuse to accept that I am 29. I'll take Veggie Tales, Disney and Muppets any day!

Finally, yes I am single. I just haven't found someone who deserves to be as happy as I can make him. One day (soon I hope) I will find my tall, handsome, healthy-eating, swing-dancing, pro-life Christian man and we will get married, have long awaited sex, and make lots and lots of babies (or as many as we can at our age)... (Yeah, I know, they don't call them "man of your dreams for nothing")


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